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In her youth, Reema Khan believed that all things are possible. With the success of her brow bar concept, Reema took the brow artistry experience to the next level and expanded her brow bar concept to the next level of beauty - the makeover bar experience -

In 2009, Reema decided to expand her beauty influence by creating brow powders that met the same standard of excellence met by the services her brow bars provided. At that moment, Reema Beauty was born. Her concept of bringing the bold vibrance of her native land and the pursuit of emboldening every women to live and embrace their own beauty has grown into a cosmetic line that truly celebrates women and where everyone is beYOUtiful. Reema continues her pursuit to build this blossoming brand while spending time with her family. She is also committed to shining a bright light onto the world through her charity initiatives and philanthropic efforts.In the deepest recesses of her heart is a spirit to give back to the others.

Reema Khan



Bold. Vibrant. Cutting-Edge. Inventive. Sensual. Sensitive. Playful. Confident. Passionate.

Reema Beauty

A woman exudes all of these things and more. Reema Beauty was created to celebrate the beauty inside of you. We believe makeup is an expression of power,giving everyone the opportunity to embrace the true essence of beauty and the confidence to express that essence to the world.

We, at Reema Beauty, are in love with the innovative vibrancy of color and believe in using the finest, groundbreaking ingredients to create color cosmetics that women love to use to tell their story. We believe makeup is so much more than a little color on your face, it's a window into your personal truths and a way to share those truths with everyone around you.

There is nothing like a makeover on the outside to make you feel better and more confident on the inside. Reema Beauty is where everyone is beYOUtiful. Rediscover your beYOUtiful self each day with Reema Beauty.


In the deepest recesses of Reema's heart is a spirit to give back to the others. Being a woman of action and not just words, Reema created two charity initiatives to manifest her giving spirit.

At the heart of Reema Beauty is the spirit of empowerment - boosting others to walk in their own light of influence and confidence. Our founder, Reema Khan, was trained in the Indian art of threading from the best around. She was inspired and encouraged to pursue her personal truths and then, pay it forward because there are so many that won't get the chance to do so. And coming from India where so many never get the opportunity, Reema was led to empower each and every woman that came to her salon, even with something as simple as shaping the brows. She continued that tradition when she came to the US with the first s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar and it continues today.

The goal of the Everyone is BeYOUtiful Initiative is to uplift the downtrodden and empower them through their struggles toward a more BeYOUtiful future. Everyone is BeYOUtiful donates products, services and up to 10% of our net proceeds to organizations that assist persons dealing with cancer and medical conditions, survivors of domestic and emotional violence and those who just need help feeling and looking their best to move forward in their lives.

Everyone needs a boost to their countenance at one time or another. But when you are going through your personal storm, it never hurts to have someone give you a boost and there is nothing like a makeover on the outside to make you feel better and more confident on the inside. Reema Beauty is where Everyone is BeYOUtiful. Join us to empower every woman towards achieving their personal truths like Reema and rediscover their own BeYOUtiful self each day.

Having seen firsthand in her native India the struggles of the impoverished, our founder, Reema Khan, made it her mission to give back to those who are less fortunate than she. She believes beauty begins within and you cannot embrace your beauty when you are hungry inside. Our philosophy of Feeding the Beauty Within is to feed the impoverished around the world because your own beYOUtiful can only begin within. Each and every purchase allows you to join our fight to rid the world of hunger,one child at a time.

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